About Me

Tasos Panagis was born on 15.7.77 in the city of Serres,Greece. From the age of 6 he demonstrated his inclination to music. At that time he started taking piano lessons as well as music theory lessons,at his city conservatory.

At the age of 13 he was looking for ways to record his ideas which was not an easy thing to do especially in a small town in the early '80s,but soon things began to change as got his first Atari1024!!! he began music programming.

When he became 14 years old he started began working as a musician(keyboard player)and very soon he went on working in bigger clubs in the city of Thessaloniki where he continues to evolve his talent as composer and music programmer.

At the age of 18 he works as mucisian for top greek singers. Thats collaborations resulted in his moving to the city of Athens(1998). In 1999 he decide to live permanantly in Athens in order to work in the music industry, which was his primary goal since he was.
Very young while at the same time he continues working as a musician for top singers, at 1999 he records his first songs for BmgMusic. Since 2004 he works only as music composer and producer for all major record-labels.

Untill now released 300+ songs with many great hits and multiple platinum and gold releases!
The most succesfull Greek singers have perfomed his songs.